A Decent Manager Behaves Like Cinderella

There is much charm and magic to the story of Cinderella.  Who would not want a magical fairy to come to him and change his life, particularly in times or situations where one is not satisfied?

One characteristic of lucky individuals is, surprisingly their choice, namely, to assume being immediately affected by any change of weather.  As far as they are concerned, as long as the external conditions are convenient, they will feel wonderful.

Lucky individuals like Cinderella choose the conditions, bearing the weather inside.

They intuitively and consciously understand there are two states:

Reacting to reality or creating reality.

Those types identify opportunities, like our Cinderella, who identified an opportunity when invited to the ball at the last moment, acting accordingly (acting and going).  She did not engage in making victimizing statements, "I cannot go, this is the reality in which I live; my sisters and my mother will not let me and I must do as they wish".  She realized she could make a difference.

This is the behavior typical of those assuming responsibility.  The constantly question and explore their scope of influence on the conditions and circumstances.  When they identify those, they channel most of their resources toward that scope, to instigate a change, and consequently, luck emerges!!!

Cinderella is a wonderful example of individuals who will not allow external circumstances to rule, but prefer to rely upon their own power and strength to instigate changes in reality.

One's behavior is a consequence of one's decisions, rather than being an outcome of one's living conditions.

Always explore and seek for alternatives.

  • If things do not work out for you, choose to adopt a different approach.
  • Say, "I will"
  • I choose to…
  • I'd rather…

You will not believe how soon you will find the prince or princess who will bring the most fitting shoe for you.  Give luck a small push, for it will not act on its own accord.

כבר נרשמתם לאירוע הבא שלי?
כבר נרשמתם לאירוע הבא שלי?