Business Profile

''Spiral'' in Organizations

Shiran Raz, Emotional-Strategic Consultation for Business, Politicians, and Organizations.

• Began her career in the finance and management field, emphasizing effective conduct and work.
• Spiral Model developer, following years of studying, investigation, learning, and experience with individual and group work.

• The approach is based upon profound personal experiences, interfacing with a variety of content areas, such as psychology, management, philosophy, life coaching, research of various cultures.

• Its uniqueness is manifested by the ability to track and outline the organization's or the individual's condition, hardly relying upon the past, while understanding the objective circumstances under which he is acting, and their implications.

Thus, the client is introduced to a relatively quick and practical path to navigate toward success, assuring the goal to which he strives is indeed a realistic one.
Shiran Raz' method is motivated by the deep recesses of the unconscious, based upon which, she is able to analyze future proceedings, thereby assisting in preparation for crises along that path.
Shiran Raz provides assistance in cases where there is a feeling that chaos reigns, as well as crisis and stagnation, within an organization, company, business, and in the personal area, where she manages to provide a quick analysis and solution.

Why A Cross-Cultural Model?

This world is becoming more global, smaller, and accessible. It is becoming rapid and affects any decision made. This model is adapted to those rapid paces, diversities, and loads which one faces.
Emotional Strategic Consultation calls for understanding the profound thinking and the invisible motives, as well as understanding of various fields, rather than focusing on understanding a specific area or insight.

"Spiral" In Politics

Politicians' point of strength is being politics-centered, so that they witness their followers' soft spots to a lesser extent, and they may provide their party members with either too much or too little attention, due to the mistrust or over-trust they attract. Shiran guides them in regulating, paying attention, establishing realistic goals, and fulfilling them.

"Spiral" in Organizations

By means of a simple, modular model, any management member, or key officer receives an action plan. Learning and exploring the model expands management's viewpoint, also facilitating a direct, regular dialogue within the organization. This is a win-win situation, from which everybody benefits thanks to a broader, more accurate, and more passionate vision, while inducing collaboration among employees within the departments, between the departments, and from the outside the departments.

''Spiral'' in Organizations
Shiran Raz, Emotional-Strategic Consultation for Business, Politicians, and Organizations

At present, Shiran Raz serves as a mentor of senior officers and politicians, who live in Israel and overseas. She teaches the Spiral Model, which she developed, to individuals and groups, giving workshops and lectures to companies and organization, guiding them toward successful leadership.
In recent years, Shiran has guided and served as mentor of thousands, assisting them in enhancing and realizing their mental abilities, thereby fulfilling their personal and business potential.

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