?Do you react to reality or create it

Michael Jordan used to say, "my standards are the reason for my success.  My daily demands from myself exceed humanly expectation.  I compete nobody else, but rather, my abilities".

He raises his own standards by taking numerous small steps which become a regular, pre-planned agenda.

Picture yourself walking outside, climbing a small rock, then a bigger ne, and then a vehicle's roof, a hill, and then a mountain…

What is happening to you?  The higher you climb, the more your outlook expands, and whatever it is you see falls into its natural place, the right perspective.

The more you see, the more confident you become, because you gain knowledge as to how to act more effectively and wisely, you are able to see more details in the larger picture.

Hence, eventually, one moves forward with life, in accordance t the standards ne establishes

Establish higher standards starting now, though not too high and without comparing yourself to others, taking many small steps in order to successfully live up to it

Standards may apply to sports, aesthetics, career, family, nutrition, etc

For example, what does a nurtured, well-cared individual's daily routine look like, as opposed to an un-  urtured individual's ?

A nurtured individual sets regular times for ritual during the week, even in specifically set hours, when he is dedicated to his appearances.  He possesses the products he needs, a set spot to place them in a neat, becoming way before his eyes, preferred products; he is alert of the innovations, knowing the order of repetitive actions to take in so as to remain nurtured and well-cared, as he likes, and so forth.

The well-known coach Anthony Robbins stated that he learned from his teacher that life brings about only two types of pain; discipline-induced pain or regret-induced pain. While discipline weighs ounces, regret weights a ton.

When raising the standard, DISCILINE is required, in regard to those small steps to be taken.  That discipline becomes a habit, which, in turn, becomes easy and convenient, in due course.  At that point, the standard may be raised again.

Raising the standards entails the following three stages:

  1. Being clear – it is a power!

The clearer you are as to your wishes, your brain will know better how to attain that.

Your brain will faithfully serve you as a mechanism.

  1. Why do you wish to achieve a different objective? Write in as great detail as possible.

Establish a few small, repetitive steps to attain your goal

כבר נרשמתם לאירוע הבא שלי?
כבר נרשמתם לאירוע הבא שלי?