Leadership Development and Training of New Managers

Leadership:  General Information

  • A successful leader differs from an unsuccessful leader by proper decisions.  In the Intuition in Leadership workshop, you will acquire tools for managing through intuition implementation, for routine and for times of crisis.
  • You will discover how to employ intuitions in cases where information is not sufficiently available, or cases where there is excess of information, when one is required to choose one of numerous prospects and in cases where predicting opponent's actions and the ever-changing trends in a given field are necessary.
  • The managers will be guided as to how to alter personal thinking and mental understanding as inducing changes pertaining to enhanced organizational performance.

A different way of thinking – a major plus to the workshop;

  • Being introduced to a broader, clearer thinking by learning a so-called new language, associative and creativity-inducing, a long-term view and identifying the relevant details.
  • Active listening toward enhancing organizational and interpersonal relations.
  • Integrating non-conventional instruments to enhance the feeling of satisfaction and transforming an existing condition.

The Goal

Enhancing a group of individuals, who will share the work of designing, developing, and leading the organization together.

  1. When did an employee last approach you with a new initiative?
  2. Do your employees possess the "can-do" attitude?
  3. How committed are your employees to business-related outcomes?
  4. How often have you heard your employee use the expression "you…", instead of "us", while addressing you?
  5. What are the employee turnover percentages? Do you succeed in recruiting and keeping quality employees?

The above questions and others are associated with the presence or the absence of leadership among your organization's employees.  At this day and age, with intense competition and ever-declining client's commitment to the organization – maximum exhaustion of resources, the human resources above all, toward the organization's success is highly important.  Managers discuss employee leadership, and realize the potential lying within it, but in practice, hardly know how to employ it.

Employee leadership stems from a state of mind associated with a higher degree of involvement in relation to organization's goal and the organizational setting.  It is noteworthy that employee leadership does not mean replacing the existing managers or to establish a workers' committee.

Employees who are leadership-oriented are characterized by a greater extent of assuming responsibility, initiative, and caring for all that happens at their organization of employment.  Such employees possess a fuller, broader understanding of the setting in which they act, and will be interested in fulfilling their personal potential within the organization's framework.

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea

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