Guidance and coaching for organization by spiral method

The ever-changing geographical and cultural setting and the constantly expanding business development pose daily, new opportunities and challenges to the service staff

The challenge is to maintain intra-organizational harmony, developing stress response capability without missing the entrepreneurship and innovativeness which are essential for the organization's sound development, remaining in line with the ever-changing environment

Service is the core of the activity, and we are to change and modify it to the various solutions, the customer's expectations, or market's demands, without losing the organization's identity and uniqueness

In order to enhance the ability to properly respond to the customer's needs, a new outlook regarding work manners is necessary.  Hence, the organization will be gradually exposed and learn the spiral model, which, in essence, is the individual's adaptation to the organization, and the organization's adaptation to the dynamic environment

Training the senior management, yields, in fact, a new outlook on the organization, managerial focus as for the service needs intra-organizational relations, and the market

Main Goals

Staff enhancement (synchronizing the organization expansion and the personnel's professional and personal skills)

The employees are the organization's ultimate ambassadors, thus the sense of connection shall be induced, together, among them, by the following means

Establishing a vision and setting objectives toward its fulfillment The objectives established will be general objectives and SMART (Specific, Measurable, in Accordance with organization's and unit's objectives, Realistic, Definite objectives, Timed objectives)

We shall induce team spirit by means of a logo/branding

Involvement and Consultation –employee-managerial rank interaction; the staff shall undertake to organization's strategy and objectives; we shall inform the employees of all departments' activities/general portrayal of current situation, we shall learn to respect the employee's ideas, even if they are not adopted eventually, and to take the employee's view into account, so as to prevent feelings of insignificance to the system

Establishing other services

Customer service as a way of life

Fulfilling managers' potential based upon personal skills

Work Methods

Dynamic workshops


Individual conferences

Regular activities follow-up

Guided meditations

"Spiral Model":  A unique method which addresses expanding awareness and developing intuitive thinking in decision making processes.  The method mainly serves those in managerial positions or individuals leading changes for other individuals, or groups

The model was developed based upon a perennial study in organizations, guided by managers in organizations, businessmen, and individuals.  The model consists of seven stages, running on the continuum between the rational and the intuitive extreme

The Model within the Organizational Process vs. Other Conventional Models – The Plusses

The later courses of t

he process require a bit more than the personal potential of which one is aware, and which one may fulfill on his own.  When the conventional methods for coping difficulty and challenges no longer serve the goals, and the answers one may independently find are no longer satisfactory, the Spiral Model responds by providing a different mode of thinking which yields relatively immediate outcomes, as well as a sense of satisfaction and inspiration


The Model Addresses "Expanding Awareness – Meaning

Identifying beliefs, patterns, hindering habits

Emotion management, motivating thinking

Establishing realistic objectives, formulating a vision

Self-knowledge, employing skills/qualities/ experience toward effective action

Leadership development, crisis management, assuming responsibility

Enhancing relationships, values, and life aspects

A sense of fulfillment, inspiration, and joy

What will be my Initial Emphasis

By means of a relatively simple, modular model, each board member or key position employee will possess an action plan.  We shall induce a situation expanding the management's viewpoint on the one hand, and allowing a direct, regular dialogue within the organization on the other hand.  It is a situation where everybody benefits from a broader, more accurate, and more responsible view, while establishing intra-department, inter-department collaboration, and collaboration with outside parties as  well

** Important clarification

What is the Spiral Model's Advantage over Other Models Aimed at Assisting Managers in Decision Making Process

Individuals nowadays, particularly those who bear a heavy burden of responsibility regularly experience stress, frustration, fear, competition, need to reinvent the wheel.  Sometimes, they have to conduct in a way opposing that which they have been accustomed to, and worse yet, act against their belief, while balancing life aspects, the model may re-program or adjust the manager's so-called inner play, to become a clear, accurate, and stable game.  Thus, through the inner evolution he makes a difference, influences, and yields

practical outcomes


About Shiran Raz

shiran raz
shiran raz

Shiran Raz, B. A. in Economics and Managements, previously serving as an economist and financial officer in several leading companies.  Through the years, Shiran has developed highly enhanced intuition to listen to those around her.  This intuition is well known at present as a natural human ability and as a development promoting dimension within the creative process, problem solving, mental and emotional systems balancing, and decision making.

In recent years, Shiran has served as mentor to senior officials and politicians living in Israel and abroad.  Shiran teaches the Spiral Model, which she developed on her own, to individuals and groups, giving workshops and lectures to companies and organizations orienting toward effective, successful leadership

In recent years, Shiran has guided and mentored thousands of clients, both in individual and group settings, assisting them in enhancing and understanding their mental abilities, fulfilling their mental potential

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