Succession Planning and Senior Management Development

Why are succession planning and training and development of existing managers necessary?

Now, more than ever, managers are required to demonstrate both professionalism in their position's domain, but also possess a more mature, deep, and diverse personality, so as to enable them to lead and maintain their stance in a competitive, dynamic market.

What is unique about organizational consultation for managers by the Spiral Method?

Guiding and training organizations by means of the Spiral Model comprises personal skills development by the manager, while facing all parties with whom he interacts, enhancing his professional skills as well.

This method has proven to be effective both in Israel and worldwide, encouraging the employees to attain new standards of performance and inspiration.

The Proceedings

Guidance's first stage:  A conference with the CEO, aimed at focusing and clarification, exploring his approach and perception of the organization he leads; Personal interviews with some of the managers and key position holders.

The following stage will include diverse workshop plans, which will enhance motivation, integrated with outlining work methods, based upon the seven stages of the Spiral Model.

Emotional and Personality-Related Tools:  Manager types; From Management to Leadership; an initiating rather than a led manager; crisis management, coping with immediate changes, pressure, employing intuition, creativity, interpersonal communication, emotion regulation, channeling weaknesses, a sense of fulfillment, enhancing and expanding strengths, etc.

Additional tools:  Employee's skills through a proper feedback, time management, discussion effectiveness, organization's vision and goals; from a slogan to a feeling of connection and pride, encouragement of field enterprises, delegation of power, employee motivation, specific job description, etc.

Guidance Period:  Depending upon the goals and constraints to date.

Establishing a Management Top Team (According to Need)

The top team, along with the CEO will be leading a development and brainstorming of enterprises and ideas from the field.

The top team will consist of a group of employees from within the organization, which will perhaps include another outsourced member, who are passionate about their vision.  They take calculated risks and are bold, creative, and rational.

The top team will hold meeting involving brainstorming, and will receive enrichment programs according to need, in relation to leadership development (the workshops' activity integrates tasks for practicing personal leadership and/or a series of group sessions addressing contents related to informal leadership and to the organization), inter alia, meetings with the organization's intermediate ranking officers.

A true desire on the part of the managers on the top team to promote and employ enterprises will render the top team a truly influential party within the organization, while the employees will be more properly rewarded and more highly motivated.

To sum up, through a relatively simple, modular model, each management member or key position holder will possess a work plan.  Together, we will create a reality which, on the one hand, will expand the management's outlook, allowing a direct, regular dialogue within the organization, on the other hand.

This is a win-win situation, thanks to a broader, more accurate, and more responsible view, involving collaboration among the employees within the various departments, between the departments, and between the departments and external parties.

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See similar activities overseas, too.

At present, Shiran Raz serves as a mentor for senior position holders and politicians, who live in Israel and overseas.  She teaches the Spiral Model, which she developed, to individuals and groups, giving workshops and lectures to companies and organization, guiding them toward successful leadership.

In recent years, Shiran has guided and supervised thousands of individuals, assisting them in enhancing and revealing their mental abilities, hence to fulfill their personal and business potential.

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